Cover of the book The Bodies Man by David McCueThe Bodies Man – Author David McCue served as a police officer in the Northern Rhodesia Police Force.

Published in 2017 by SilverWood. ISBN 9781781326329

The Bodies Man explores a number of interesting and sometimes upsetting cases that he encountered during his career and is set against the backdrop of a turbulent Northern Rhodesia on its way to becoming self-governing Zambia.

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Cover of the book The History of the Northern Rhodesia Police by Colonel Tim RightThe History of the Northern Rhodesia Police – Author Colonel Tim Wright served in the Northern Rhodesia Police and was promoted to Chief Inspector in the lead up to independence in 1964. He remained for two years in the Zambia Police before returning to England to qualify as a solicitor.

Published in 2001 by British Empire and Commonwealth Museum Publishing. ISBN 0-9530174-4-3

This is the first comprehensive account of this unique colonial force, from its roots in the last decade of the nineteenth century and supression of the Slave Trade , to the birth of the Republic of Zambia, in the shadow of the Lumpa rebellion of 1964. Until 1932 the police were Northern Rhodesia’s first line of defence, and the author extensively covers the NRP’s service in the East African Campaign of 1914-1918. The author shows how, from early days, the aim was to build a modern civil police force and how, despite wars and recession, this was achieved. Accounts of criminal investigations and civil disturbances after 1932 illustrate the different, but equally crucial, role that the force played in these tumultuous years. With comprehensive biographical details of officers of the force and many of the officials, settlers, politicians and military personnel mentioned in the text, this history should be read by anyone interested in colonial administration, the military and police history of the British Empire in Africa, medal collectors and anyone who has lived in or has connections with Zambia.

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Cover of Book The Donas RememberThe Donas Remember – A collection of reminiscences compiled by Alice Shirley Schofield. Privately printed in 1993. ISBN 09519162 1 1

Initially the officers were white expatriates recruited mainly from the United Kingdom and other British Colonial police forces. But what of the their wives? Little, if anything, has been written about them, their lives in Northern Rhodesia, their careers and opinions. This book is a collection of reminicenses from some of them who lived there during the 1950’s and 60’s.

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Cover of book Remants of an Empire by Pamela Shurmer-SmithRemnants of Empire – Memory and Northern Rhodesia’s White Diaspora by Pamela Shurmer-Smith printed in 2015. ISBN: 9789982240932

When Zambia became Independent in 1964, the white colonial population did not suddenly evaporate. Some had supported Independence, others had virulently opposed it, but all had to reappraise their nationality, residence and careers. A few became Zambian citizens and many more chose to stay a while without committing themselves, but most of the colonial population trickled out of the country to start again.

Remnants of Empire traces survivors of this population globally and through cyber-space to discover how new lives were constructed and new perspectives generated. It also draws on the power of postcolonial memory to understand the ways that copper miners, district officers, housewives and others became the empire’s relics. The author is a Social Anthropologist with a background in colonial Northern Rhodesia and a love of contemporary Zambia.

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No Better Life book coverNo Better Life The Experiences of a Police Officer in Central Africa                    Author John Gornall. Published by John Gornall. ISBN: 978-0-473-14-111-0.

‘No Better Life’ is the story of a Police Inspector in a rural district of Northern Rhodesia-Zambia, revealed through a series of anecdotes and observations that also illuminate the lives of the settler-farming community and the local tribes-people.

John Gornall joined the Northern Rhodesia Police in January 1965, transferring to the Zambian Police Force on Independence and served till 1967.

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